Cheesecake pops and brownie cupcakes with buttercream icing

There are, I guess, some people who like to spring important news oh-so-casually, even through text messaging. That was how he told me! I was told I was going to see the bf’s extended family when I hadn’t even met the parents. Hello, that spells IMPORTANT.

I had no first thoughts. It was a jumble of “what do I wear??? What am I bringing??? Who else is gonna be there???? WHEN?? I have a massive pimple forming on my jawline!!!!! Iuwefhdwueh(@&#^$(GH@GBIL@&#TR!!!!!!!!”

I decided to bring cupcakes. I’ve been told my brownies are good (NOT by the voices in my head), so brownie cupcakes they will be. Baby cupcakes. Buttercream icing. Those fancy schmancy chocolate decorative thingies that high-end cafes chuck in the icing.

Then a girlfriend suggested cheesecake pops (I suspect she wanted some but couldn’t make them herself…). But of course! Dipped in milk chocolate! White chocolate! Covered in chocolate shavings! A light dusting of cocoa powder! Like the ones bakerella did :) Her baking is ah-mayy-zing!

I so badly wanted to start baking.

I made all the toppings first: the icing, the chocolate decorations. Icing was simple, messy but oh so deliciously buttery and sweet.

The final product didn’t look like anything special.. but yum!

The chocolate décor I did in white chocolate, to add contrast to the cupcakes. I melted white chocolate and spooned them into a ziplock bag and cut off one of the corners… and squeezed away designs onto some baking paper! So much fun!

Yes, I was finishing off the unused melted white chocolate with a peach. OH MAMA! Soooo goooood. I’m eating fruit!!! Once they cooled I cut the paper up with the designs stuck on them and put them into the fridge for later use. Be careful dealing with these, I cracked a couple… >.<”

The cupcakes were easy, basic brownie mixture: eggs, sugar, butter, half-half of flour and self -raising, cocoa and vanilla extract. Magic ingredient of mine: yoghurt. Just a tablespoon or two keeps your brownies moist and solid. Use vanilla or plain (I used Jalna vanilla), and it makes a huge difference. Put mix into cupcake tray, and toss into oven for about 15 minutes or (depending on your oven), until bamboo skewers come out clean. I also made the brownies less sweet because the icing was sweet enough already.

With the cheesecake, I prepared the cheesecake filling without the crust, baked it a day before so it had time to chill in the fridge overnight. Take your cheesecake, spoon out spoonfuls (if you have a mini ice-cream scoop, use that), and form into balls. I had some scotch fingers whizzed up in the processor (I love the butter flavor so substituted it for marie/graham cookies), and I rolled the cheesecake balls around in the crumbs.

Then I put them all into the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up. While I was waiting, the cupcakes were done! I took them out, let it cool and started the icing. Put some into the icing bag and made little turrets out of icing, and pressed the white chocolate decorations into them.

Final product looked pretty cool for a first try. I didn’t want to eat them.

Okay, pardon my camera phone. I succumbed to their siren call. I had a bit more icing than was on a cupcake….

icing bag and half-eaten cupcake

I made some white chocolate shavings. I had a bowl of my own and kept dipping more fruit into the chocolate crumbs. Mmm.

I took out the cheesecake balls and stuck skewers into them… Plunged them into melted milk chocolate, and then sprinkled the white chocolate shavings and set them upside down onto some baking paper to cool and set. An alternative to this is to get a block of Styrofoam and stick them upright.

I had so much fun preparing these.

At the family gathering they were gone in 5 minutes. Saw a chubby kid swipe 2 of the cupcakes at a time… should have been like OI! ONE ONLY! Haha.

I’m gonna go now, and melt more white chocolate to drizzle on everything. I even put some in my coffee this morning. White chocolate latte! DELISH!

*****I haven’t finished the recipes yet, will update soon! Can’t locate my recipe book!

Here are the recipes:

Buttercream icing
1.5 cup butter
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
5-6 cups of icing sugar (I used a mix of icing and caster for texture)
3-4 teaspoons milk

Whip butter until soft, add vanilla essence and whip until mixed. Slowly add sugar in batches, then after all is well mixed, add milk one teaspoon at a time until desired consistency.

Recipe for cheesecake go to bakerella’s plain jane cheesecake page.


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